How to Make a Comment

I received a few questions about how to make a comment to a blog.  I hope the following will help.

Process Overview:

There are five steps to making a comment: launching the link, writing the comment, selecting a profile, previewing the comment, and publishing the comment.  Each step will be covered in more detail.

The steps to making a blog comment.

Launch the Comment Link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a “comments” link.
Write Your Comment:

A window will open were you will be able to enter, publish, and preview your comment.  It will look like:

Click inside the window then type (or paste) your comment.

Select A Profile
This could save you some time so you don’t lose your comment so be ready to select a profile.
One of the challenges in this communication process is that the blog does not know who you are.  When you go to publish, the system will ask you to identify yourself by using the cryptic direction “Please choose a profile” (think identity or name).

When you click on the Select profile… drop down arrow, a window will open and you will see the following choices

As you can see there are several choices. I am going to cover the three choices I know something about.
The options are these:
·        Google Account: This is your g-Mail account and password if you
       have one.
·        Name and URL: Supplies a name.
·        Anonymous: No identifying information is displayed. The comment is
       has the salutation of this comment was posted by anonymous.
     Google Account:
When you click on Google Account you will be taken to a different page containing a box for you to sign in.
When you return to the blog and select “Publish” your comment will be accompanied by a blog symbol

     Name/URL Option:
When you select the Name/URL option a profile window will open.  You enter your name and optionally a URL to your WEB page if you have one.
This shows your name at the beginning of a published comment

Selecting “Anonymous” fills in the profile accordingly and fills in the profile window as:

Preview the Comment:

Click on the Preview button and a new window will open.

After reviewing your comment, you may either edit it or publish it.

Publish the Comment:

To publish a comment, click on the Publish button.

A published comment will appear at the bottom of the blog and look like this:

Note:  You have the option to reply to this comment (a threaded comment) or start a new on.
Hope this helps,


  1. Chris - how about attaching copies of the articles you have authored or co-authored to the blog site? This is looking good! Cecilia O'Shaughnessy

  2. Hello Chris, Fellow Boise State graduate. I had a feeling someone associated with the program did the infographic.

  3. Chris: I am teaching a graduate ISD course and was hoping I could use your inforgraphic? Please consider and let me know.